the cost of aof coffee, we provide customized, rewritten and translated articles drafted in clear, concise, aesthetic, grammatically correct English, rich in vocabulary, full of suitable adjectives and adverbs. We have about a million articles on topics related to health, travel, politics, education, science, real estate, past and present events etc.
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There's a dearth of good articles for publishers, webmasters, content aggregators, print media people etc. At the same time there are a number of good writers who if given opportunity, could not only write but create original content which would make a real satisfying reading. Thus we zeroed on this innovative concept of We have tried to provide a common platform to buyers and writers.

We believe that Content is King, it can make or mar Magazines, Newspapers, Tabloids and not to forget the latest, websites. This happens especially when surfers are looking for some good material to read. With the increasing web-traffic, it is necessary that web-properties have good enough content to keep in competition. We observed that some publishers were not happy with the kind of articles they were receiving despite spending a lot of dollars so we have taken up the task of providing good articles for the cost of a cup of coffee. So here we are with this linking site where you will get written works in the way you always wanted to be - the BEST!

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Just select a basic article from our database of one million articles, which span across all length and breadth of human knowledge from rocket science to toys.

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Once you give us a go ahead, our team of writers would dig their heads in your articles to customize, rewrite or adapt it to your requirements.

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The time we take to revert back is not more than 24 hours. For any kind of article, may it be rewriting or customization, it remains in tact.


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