the cost of aof coffee, we provide customized, rewritten and translated articles drafted in clear, concise, aesthetic, grammatically correct English, rich in vocabulary, full of suitable adjectives and adverbs. We have about a million articles on topics related to health, travel, politics, education, science, real estate, past and present events etc.
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How many articles do we have?
About a million articles and adding on.
In which field we specialize?
We have articles available in a large number of categories, from day to day activities to specialized streams. We have writers in all fields of human knowledge.
Why Us?
You will get readymade skeleton articles, which you can have customized for search engine optimization or other purposes.
What we provide?
Articles on any field or stream would be available with us. We can optimize the article to meet the requirements of a search engine.
Who Can Buy?
Publishers, Magazines, Newspapers, SEOs and all those people who want them for their websites or any other kind of publication.
When You Can Buy?
You can purchase article anytime and post a request with us on our website for optimizing, rewriting or any such thing.
How long is the registration process?
It’s a short one, requiring about 30 seconds to one minute for a computer-savvy person.
How much do we charge for articles?
We charge reasonable rates for articles. Moreover, we have two kinds of memberships.
What is 'Flag This'?
It is a link for reporting any article that is placed in the wrong category or is irrelevant. Please check carefully before you flag any article. Once it is flagged it will be considered by our administrator.
Do we provide discounts on purchase of bulk articles?
No, we have automated the system. The billing would be directly proportional to the number of articles purchased and the membership taken. So there would be no discount or waivers as such. But you can always speak to the administrator in case you have any special offer. .
How do we know about the administrator’s messages?
You can view the messages in the Admin’s Message section.
What is turnaround time?
24 hours
Do we return money in case you don’t like the article once purchased?
Once purchased, the deducted money won’t be returned.
What is the process for selection of articles?
The process is simple. Just log on to the site and select your article after registration. Once logged in, the navigation links will be your guides.
Would there be a penalty if the writers miss the deadline?
Yes, there would be stringent measures to ensure that deadlines are met.

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